No More Pencils … Summertime Fun

My eldest finished her second year of pre-school this week. The class, ┬áparents and siblings celebrated with a nice, refreshing 90-degree picnic at a cute, nearby park. The kids had a blast and parents and Miss Carolyn enjoyed chatting and watching them play. I’m proud of my little girl. She loves to learn and is a great teacher to her little sister as well.

I love the shot of the kids using the rail as a balance-beam. What a great little class we had this year. We’ll miss it, but look forward to Josey’s final year in pre-school next year! Sniff, sniff. So glad I don’ thave to prepare for kindergarten yet.

Endless Pigtails

Having two little girls means endless pigtails. How many pigtails will I tie in my lifetime? 5,000 maybe? That’s a lot. Pigtails are definitely mommy’s job in this house. Not so sure daddy wants to learn, and that’s ok with me.

I just love this photo. Seeing my girls’ little pigtails from behind as they watch a movie is precious to me. The scene was just begging for a photo to capture it.