First Taste of Summer

Here in New Jersey, the weather likes to trick us. 85 one day in April, ice-cold rain the next. As I sit here typing, it is POURING down rain outside. On Monday the kids at school were running around in short sleeves in the sunshine, so I took the girls for ice cream at my MOST favorite place for treats — Dairy Queen. Hands-down, the soft-serve vanilla with cherry dip is my favorite. I opt for the cup because I’m a slow ice cream eater and well, ok, I like when the cherry candy clumps at the bottom to make a bonus treat. So I say to you, with ice cream raised high, here’s to a quick spring and my first DQ treat of the “summer”.

If I Bake Sunflowers, Will Spring Come?

Nothing like Sunflowers to bring on spring, right? The occasion was sister-in-law, Anne’s birthday. Stemming from a self-imposed challenge to one-up myself each year (or at least keep up with my Martha Stewart-esque family expectations) I embarked on the Cupcake Challenge: Year Two.

Success! The birthday girl was pleased and our tummies were filled. Next year? Frogs? See the 2010 butterflies below.