Father’s Day Fun

We had a beautiful day at Alba Vineyard on Father’s Day. Nothing better than being with family, sampling some tasty wine and playing in the sunshine. It is such a picturesque place in New Jersey, near the Pennsylvania border … the kind of place I wish all the people who think New Jersey is all smokestacks and Turnpike, could see.



Happy Father’s Day to my brother-in-law, Chris, father-in-law, Jeff and husband, Mike. I enjoyed spending it with all of you (and your adoring significant others…). Sorry I couldn’t spend the day with my dad, but can’t wait to see him this summer!


I spend a good part of my life at the playground these days (yay warm weather!) and it’s a great place to take photos of the kiddos. The pictures always come out so genuine because the little ones are doing what kids do best … playing! Here is one of little Brendan … one of the biggest hams I’ve ever met (though you may not see it from this photo). I love taking pictures of him and I’m sure I’ll share many more on the blog.

Denise + Josh

I had a great time recently taking engagement photos for one of my most cherished friends. I’ve known Denise since grade school and we’ve been close buddies ever since. She has found the perfect partner in Josh and I couldn’t be more excited for them to tie the knot!

We had a fun, relaxing shoot on a beautiful spring day here in the Garden State. See… New Jersey has more to offer than the “NJ Housewives”, “Sopranos” and “Jersey Shore” folks (who are pretty much not from New Jersey). It’s full of gorgeous flowers, beautiful foliage and the best friends any gal could hope for. I can’t wait for the big day in August and I’m so happy for two wonderful people to have found each other!




Spreading Wings

The girls received their very own live caterpillars. It has been truly amazing to watch them grow each day. They quickly ate their way through the nutrients in their jar and formed chrysalids. After watching for nearly a week, five beautiful Painted Lady butterflies emerged. We’ve been waiting for warmer weather before we release them, but enjoy watching them drink from their tasty watermelon pieces in the meantime. Poor things’ lifespan is only two to four weeks. Boo.