Watching and Wishing

It must be so much fun to have a cousin only a few months older/or younger! Built-in buddies for life. Adeline and Samantha look on as big cousin/sister Josephine plays soccer.  The “littles” can’t wait until it’s their turn to get out there!

Easter Bunny, Would You Bring Me More Hard Drive Space?

I’m quickly running out of room on the computer. I took way too many pictures of the little cuties this weekend. The weather was beautiful, food tasty and company perfect. We decided on a low-key, barbecue-style Easter this year and boy, it was delicious! The Easter Bunny left eggs for the girls to find and they had a blast running around the yard, filling their baskets.


Egg Hunt

Between raindrops this weekend, we were able to fit in our annual Easter Egg Hunt with my moms’ group. There are way too many cute kiddies to include, so I just picked some of my favorite shots from the day. It’s pretty hard trying to follow and enjoy the thrill of egg hunting with my girls while trying to take photographs of all the other cuties, but I did my best! Thanks to Shauna, Megan and Camile as always for making our events great!



*Thanks to Danielle for digitally capturing my family




Busy Weekend, Day Two

I got to spend time on Sunday morning with some of my favorite people. My best friends in the world. We were laughing about the fact that we were all at a park with our kids and picnic lunches — instead of at a bar on a Saturday night. Times have changed! These get-togethers are much more rare these days and wish they could be more frequent. Lori & Ben, Cori, Bry & Julie — always a good time.

Miles and Cori




Young love - Andrea & Miles

Family See-Saw Fun - Thanks, Lor!

Busy Weekend, Day One

What a busy weekend we had with friends and family! Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in the Garden State. Cousins Brian and Sarah came up from Virginia for a visit with their adorable two-year-old son, Maxwell. It was so nice to see them – way too much time had passed since the last visit! We were joined by Chris and Anne, my brother and sister-in-law and our adorable niece, Adeline, who we adore. We had a fun afternoon picnic and playtime at the park, followed by naps for all the littles and daddies. When do mommies sleep?

Addie on the monkey bars ...

Max gets a push from Daddy

Josey all-smiles on the see-saw

Brave little Sammy crossing the rope bridge for the first time ...

Ice cream social


 Until next time! We had a blast, cousins … Stay-tuned for Busy Weekend, Day Two, tomorrow.

Hide and Seek

This is one of my most favorite recent photos of my bigger little love. Those pretty eyes and innocent face – during a game of hide and seek while waiting for the train to come. We had just taken in our first Morristown St. Paddy’s day parade and look forward to making this a new O’Vitale tradition.

Endless Pigtails

Having two little girls means endless pigtails. How many pigtails will I tie in my lifetime? 5,000 maybe? That’s a lot. Pigtails are definitely mommy’s job in this house. Not so sure daddy wants to learn, and that’s ok with me.

I just love this photo. Seeing my girls’ little pigtails from behind as they watch a movie is precious to me. The scene was just begging for a photo to capture it.