Denise + Josh – The Madison Hotel

We hoped Irene would not make her appearance at Denise & Josh’s wedding, and even though she showed up for the party, she didn’t ruin a beautiful day. I was so happy to be a part of this special wedding of one of my best friends — Denise truly found the perfect husband in Josh.

In addition to being a bridesmaid, I got to work with Meridith of Meridith Desmond Photography to take some photos when I wasn’t needed for my bridesmaid duties ;). Meridith did an AMAZING job and captured the day beautifully — please check out her blog with her gorgeous photos from the wedding, as well as her other amazing work! Thank you Meridith for everything – so glad you captured this wedding!

I loved the gorgeous flower with the different purples – my favorite color… and they just popped against the green dresses.

Mother of the bride, Lydia, looked beautiful — I was so excited for her!

Denise’s sister, Christine, made her pretty hair accessory… love it!

The flower Denise wore in her hair was part of her mother’s wedding veil. Perfect!

The detail on Denise’s dress was so pretty. When she tried on this dress for us in the bridal shop, we instantly knew it was the perfect one for her!

Mothers’ of the Bride and Groom picked fabulous dresses – the colors were so pretty and matched our flowers 🙂

Sisters cheers!

Luckily, the Madison Hotel had great spots to take indoor pictures.

My friends and I have known each other for 20+ amazing years. I’m a very lucky gal to have them. We took this photo now that all of us are married … a seven-year spread 🙂

Congrats to a wonderful couple!

G’night Little One …

This is what happens at 6:30 p.m. to my little night owl after spending a fun day at the lake beach … and she didn’t wake up until 7 a.m. this morning. In the middle of watching ‘Flushed Away’, I looked down on the floor and there she was, passed out. It made me think of a photo of myself when I was the exact same age, after the same kind of day. Enjoy!



Fourth Festivities

We had a lovely, relaxing weekend. Lots of visiting with friends and quality family time. We closed the weekend with ice cream and fireworks, much like the rest of the country did, I’m sure. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day!

A Day at the Playground … Fun With Friends

It’s always fun to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. Lindsey was one of Josey’s first friends — they’ve known each other since they were 12 weeks old. Her mom, Adrienne, and I were colleagues, so the girls went to the same on-site daycare. Since moving across the pond to England, we don’t see them as frequently, but we all enjoy getting together when they are back in the states. We had a beautiful day to catch up and enjoy the playground at Dodge Field in Madison. So good to see you ladies … hope we can do it again before you head home …


Father’s Day Fun

We had a beautiful day at Alba Vineyard on Father’s Day. Nothing better than being with family, sampling some tasty wine and playing in the sunshine. It is such a picturesque place in New Jersey, near the Pennsylvania border … the kind of place I wish all the people who think New Jersey is all smokestacks and Turnpike, could see.



Happy Father’s Day to my brother-in-law, Chris, father-in-law, Jeff and husband, Mike. I enjoyed spending it with all of you (and your adoring significant others…). Sorry I couldn’t spend the day with my dad, but can’t wait to see him this summer!

No More Pencils … Summertime Fun

My eldest finished her second year of pre-school this week. The class,  parents and siblings celebrated with a nice, refreshing 90-degree picnic at a cute, nearby park. The kids had a blast and parents and Miss Carolyn enjoyed chatting and watching them play. I’m proud of my little girl. She loves to learn and is a great teacher to her little sister as well.

I love the shot of the kids using the rail as a balance-beam. What a great little class we had this year. We’ll miss it, but look forward to Josey’s final year in pre-school next year! Sniff, sniff. So glad I don’ thave to prepare for kindergarten yet.


I spend a good part of my life at the playground these days (yay warm weather!) and it’s a great place to take photos of the kiddos. The pictures always come out so genuine because the little ones are doing what kids do best … playing! Here is one of little Brendan … one of the biggest hams I’ve ever met (though you may not see it from this photo). I love taking pictures of him and I’m sure I’ll share many more on the blog.