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I am a wife to Mike and mother of two amazing little girls, Josey and Sammy. A self-proclaimed soccer mom, I PLAY soccer, not drive my kids to games … yet. I’m an 80’s music junkie. I love bright, vivid colors, which is why my ten bridesmaids wore dresses in four different shades of purple — my favorite wedding detail. I would eat popcorn every night of the week if I could, and I do come very close sometimes. I have a weakness for Swarovski crystal and anything sparkly. I love the smell of the ocean and must have coffee in the morning. I’ve worked in television, advertising, event planning and corporate communications and have enjoyed them all.

I’ve always loved taking photos. From the moment I received my plastic blue and white Smurf camera as a child, I knew I found a creative outlet that excited me. I can’t think of a time in my life when my camera didn’t join me — on excursions to the shore, to friends houses, outside at the park and even to lunches at Taco Bell. I’ve been the unofficial “group historian” in my circle of friends from childhood and throughout my school years — and beyond.

I started this blog to share some of the photos and thoughts that a stay-at-home mom may not often get to do. As I learn and grow as a photographer, I want to have somewhere to put everything– in cyberspace — for family, friends, clients and everyone else to see.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure …


  1. You go lady! I am so impressed that you always turn your dreams into reality. Can’t wait to see more pics! I am so happy that my family can be apart of your amazing photography. Good luck!!!

  2. I love you and your blog and will visit often. Congrats to you on you photo ventures 🙂 I know it’s the perfect hobby (or future career!) for you.

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