My Techie Toddler, the Birdslinger …

What can I say? My kids are bound to be techie-types. They have two parents who love gadgets and electronics. I’d rather get a camera lens, smartphone or hard drive than pretty much anything else for a birthday or holiday. If we are out somewhere and the mood strikes, my girls will ask, “Mommy, can I play ‘Angry Birds‘?” So I hand over the iPhone and they begin flinging little birds into structures and buildings with their tiny kid fingers.

If you have not tried this game, be forewarned … it is very addictive and deliriously fun. Ask my kids.  And if you have a BlackBerry, I’m sorry, you can only play the ‘Hydrox‘ or ripoff version — “Angry Farm“.

3 comments on “My Techie Toddler, the Birdslinger …

  1. Lori says:

    You would throw in a dig at Hydrox!!!! Mean.

  2. June Lubin says:

    Nooooooo…not yet….her little thumbs will be very,very tired…by the time she is three!

  3. Mike V says:

    That is cold. Angry farm rules.

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